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This year Harry Potter was the clear front-runner in terms of number of ficlets, with 6 out of 9. There were 2 Pirates of the Caribbean ficlets, and 1 Lord of the Rings.

It was also a fairly low-key year in ratings. 4 were G-rated and 3 PG, with one each rated R and NC17.

By far the most popular characters/pairing were Harry Potter and Severus Snape, who appeared as a couple three times, and each of whom also featured in a fourth ficlet as well, so that between them they were present in a majority of this year's ficlets. The little black dress of HP fandom, forsooth.

And the authors were:

[I will update the headers of the original posts to show the authors, soon.]

Thanks to all of our lovely participants, and a very happy New Year to everyone!
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