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2011 signup post!

So... you've finished (or are well along with writing) your fics for other holiday or winter fests. Or maybe you didn't sign up for any, and are now wishing perhaps you had. Perhaps you would like to dip your toes into somewhat less familiar fannish waters, but Yuletide seemed too big and full of fandoms you've never even heard of.

Fear not! I bring you tidings of 3fan_holidays! All you have to do is be willing to write a drabble or ficlet (100-2000 words) in one or more of these three fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and/or Pirates of the Caribbean. You are permitted to note other fandoms you'd enjoy a gift drabble/ficlet in, if you want, but there's no guarantee your writer will be familiar with any but one of those three.

Seriously, all you have to be able and willing to write is a 100-word drabble, HP, LotR, or PotC. :-) This is meant to be a quick and fun little fest, not something to cause more stress at this season!

Sign-ups will continue through 5 pm (US central time) on Saturday, November 26. I anticipate sending out assignments on the 27th or 28th. Ficlets will be due by December 15, giving you a little over 2 weeks to write - that is, like, 7 words minimum per day. *g* Posting will run from approximately December 16-24, depending on the number of participants. Posts will be made on LJ, although I will put links from the IJ and DW mirror comms. Author reveals will be made on or about December 31.

Given that the number of participants has always been small, I do NOT expect to have to close sign-ups. In the unlikely event that more than 25 people are interested in participating this year, I may reconsider.

Rules and regs:

Because of the potentially broad scope of the participants' interests, there is a single topical prompt for everyone: holidays/celebrations of any kind (not necessarily winter ones, if you don't want). This is not intended to be a smut-fest, so if you want to read or write adult-rated fic, you'll need to state so as one of your preferences. Characters/pairings/genres are pretty much up to the choice of the writer (unless specified as a preference/restriction), although you might want to peek at your recipient's LJ to see what s/he generally seems to enjoy. I strongly recommend this if there's nothing to indicate a preference for het vs. slash vs. gen, and you don't know your recipient well.

General rules:

1. Your drabble or ficlet should be between 100-2000 words, and be beta read/free of mechanical errors.
2. It should include the HTML coding (for italics, etc.) that you wish to appear in the post. I will not have time to edit this in.
3. It should have the standard header, which will be posted later.
4. It should not be part of a series, or be a sequel to something the recipient may be unfamiliar with.
5. It should adhere to any preferences or restrictions that the recipient requested.

All ficlets are due by December 15, 2011. Email (in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, or .wpd format) to 3fan DOT hols AT gmail DOT com. I will reply to let you know that I received the submission; if you haven't heard back within a couple of days, poke me at my LJ (celandineb).

If for some reason you will be unable to finish, please let me know ASAP so that I can find a pinch-hitter.

Sign-up info:

Read the form carefully! Since this is a multi-fandom exchange, so that I don't go nuts trying to match people up, you can have up to three total overall preferences/restrictions on your writing offer and your reading request, and up to two preferences/restrictions on each of the fandoms. In other words, no given drabble/ficlet will have more than five parameters specified. Please try to keep them fairly broad. If you only want a Jack/Elizabeth spanking ficlet, set during DMC, with a cameo from the Kraken, and nothing else will satisfy, I may be hard-pressed to match you to a writer. :-)

For instance, you might ask for either HP orLotR. You could have overall reading preferences of (1) romance, (2) fluff preferred, and (3) no heavy kink; these would apply to both fandoms. Then for HP fandom you could specify that you'd like (1) post-DH, (2) Harry-centric; for LotR that you want (1) het, and (2) prefer Men or Hobbits to Elves. You'll make the same sorts of limitations for what you're willing to write.

Please copy and paste the form from the box into your comment to sign up. You must use this form; it makes my life much easier to have all requests in the same format. All comments will be screened to maintain anonymity, since this is a small exchange. If you have a question, feel free to ask in a separate comment from your sign-up, and I'll unscreen that (since others might well have the same question).

Note: Your preferred fandoms for writing and reading need not be the same! Perhaps you want to read LotR or HP, but don't want to write LotR, though you'd be willing to write PotC as well as HP. That's perfectly fine.

Note 2: The sign-up permits you to offer/request additional fandoms beyond HP, LotR, and PotC. When possible I will assign a writer who might be able to write one of those as well as your standard fandom(s). It is completely optional to write in an additional listed fandom instead of one of the big three. For instance, if your recipient happens to like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and you can write it, you may choose to do so, but you are not obliged to go beyond the PotC and LotR they listed in the main sign-up.

Due to LJ's rules, please do not ask for or include explicit chan (under-18 sex) in your fic. Thanks.

Please watch and/or join the comm if you haven't already!
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